Sunday, July 16, 2006

This space intentionally left boring 

Once again, I don't really have anything to ramble about. It's not like what I write is ever what one might call "relevant" or "exciting" or even "interesting." But you're reading it, anyway. If I were you, I would consider getting a hobby. Wait until after I've finished my ramble, though. I'd hate to think I wrote this thing for nothing.

Which brings me to an email I received tonight from the lovely Erin who told me, "I just want you to know I am here and still reading (even if it is 6 weeks late)." That's right, she was responding to a post from May 27th.

I have to say I admire her perseverance. Real life can get in the way of things, and some people might consider deleting a ramble that old from her inbox just to make life that much simpler. Heck, some people would consider deleting new rambles out of general principle. But not Erin. And that is why she is extra spiffy.

I don't care how long it takes y'all to read these things. I'm just glad you read them. And Erin, thank you. You made me giggle with your email, and that is priceless in my book.

Shameless self promotion

My other blog, Willamette Valley Daily Photo now has its very own daily reminder mailing list. You'll join, won't you? Please?? Pretty, pretty, pretty please???

Tango the Wonder Kitty
Not that I'm begging or anything. Come on, experience a little bit of Oregon via my photos. It does a body good. Four out of five dentists recommend it. Tango the Wonder Kitty reads it every single day. You want to be like Tango, don't you?

Speaking of the little devil, I have a new photo of him, which you can see at right. He was rolling around on the kitchen counter the other day, literally posing for the camera. Yes, he is smiling in the photo.

I had to get a new (actually, it's refurbished) digital camera the other day because my old one is dying, so that means I've been taking pictures constantly. And that means I also have some new photos of Pesha and Butler, plus some other stuff:

Black Cat The Butler Man Red Fruit Fatsia Tree Bark

I'm still working on getting good photos of the other animals. If you want to see what other photos I've been taking (both from the daily photo site and otherwise), check out my Flickr photo gallery.

That's all for now. Take care, all. Especially Erin, who will probably see this sometime in 2007.

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