Thursday, June 29, 2006

Startling self discovery 

I am such a girl.

I say this because of a mouse. Well, technically, three mice. They scare me. Hence, I fulfill the stereotype of a scared female when it comes to mice.

It's a ridiculous fear, but there it is. Just the idea of encountering a mouse gives me the willies in a major way.

We had a mouse in the house a few months ago, which I never saw. One of our cats caught it, it was disposed of, and I was happy... for a while. Last night, another (dead) mouse was discovered. Again, I didn't see it, so it wasn't that bad. But today, one of the cats was sniffing around the bottom of the oven, and sure enough, a mouse came scurrying out from under it and ended up under the couch.

No, I did not go after it. I ran the other direction, actually. And, again I didn't even see it. I was told about it as it was happening. That was enough.

I went and bought two different types of mouse traps and we have four cats on guard duty. I sincerely hope they get the little critter before I encounter it. I also hope there aren't any more of them.

We've lived in this house for 23 years, and this is the first time mice have been an issue. I don't know why they've decided to invade the place, but I wouldn't mind if they'd just stop now. I don't want to kill them, I just want them gone.

Watching the Stewart Little movie just didn't prepare me for the real thing. Michael J. Fox's voice was nowhere around, and mice do not drive cars. At least, not these mice. There might be exceptions somewhere. Just because I've never seen it doesn't mean it doesn't exist, after all.

Anyway, so that's my life at the moment. Feel my pain. Or not. Whatever.

I'm also a valley girl

I'm proud to say my Willamette Valley Daily Photo blog has been around for a month now. If you haven't visited it yet, I'd be every so grateful if you'd spend a few minutes to taking a look around the site. A new photo is posted every day, and it just had its first guest photographer.

From the blog you can visit dozens of other daily photo blogs from all over the world. The one in Paris is really well done... they are all well done. Give 'em a look. The links are along the right-hand side (look for the city photo blog expandable link 'rolls').

I probably won't post again before the 4th, so I want to wish everyone who celebrates it a happy and safe U.S. Independence Day. I'm planning on going to the parade here in town to take pictures, because, gosh darn it, I have to have photos to post.

Take care all.

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