Thursday, June 16, 2005

Nuts, flat tires, and graduations 

A conversation you should never have with your mother

My mother and I had the following exchange the other day:

Me: "Where are my nuts?"
Mom: "I can get you some."

After the words left my mouth, became clear of several things at once:

  1. Perhaps I could have worded that differently
  2. I don't want my mother to be involved in anything having to do with procuring me any sort of nuts
  3. I really should keep better track of my nuts

They're presently sitting on my desk. In a can. And I must say, they really taste good.

I won't mention my mother did indeed show me some nuts, but they were chopped up and I prefer them whole.

Graduating into oblivion

I went to my niece's high school graduation last week, where I learned a few things:

  1. The mayor of Salem, Oregon, who gave what I'm guessing was a rousing and fascinating speech (I wasn't really listening -- see below) , where she explained how she Worked Hard and Achieved Success, and You Can Too (I didn't need to listen to know what she'd say)
  2. When one is sitting in a public setting and one's body decides to starts its period in a definite and profound way which would make your local volcano look like a kid's science fair project, one should be thankful for wearing black pants
  3. If one is filming some sort of event -- graduation, wedding, birth of a child, etc. -- one doesn't actually have to pay attention to whatever one is filming, because one's primary focus becomes the camera. You don't have to pay attention -- you're filming it! You'll see it later! This is why I am the family camera person

Speaking of filming things, I took pictures and filmed a Memorial Day event at a cemetery, which was attended by several live people and nearly 5000 non-living. My mother is president of the non-profit group which is soon-to-be officially running said cemetery in about a week (and have been running it unofficially for a while)... so I went and stuck my head behind the cameras, thereby insuring I wasn't actually in any of the resulting images.

I ended up making a DVD (also VHS for the tape aficionados out there) out of it, so if you have a spare $10 laying around, feel free to spend it by ordering a DVD. Preferably the one I made, but it's up to you. It's for a good cause. You know you want to.

Scooter scooting scuttled

The back tire on my Purple Plaything (which is still a Honda scooter and not a sex toy) went flat again last night. This is the third time in about a year. Call me crazy, but I'm sensing a trend.

My brother is hopefully coming out tonight to taking the fudging thing off to see if there's something inside the wheel causing it. I wasn't even on the danged thing when it went flat this time. Maybe the Plaything gets bored when I'm not around and has to find ways to amuse itself.
Or, maybe it's just tired of hauling me around. I noticed the other day I've put almost 5500 miles on it. Considering the town in which I live is only about four miles across (and the scooter doesn't go fast enough for me to be able to leave town on it), that's quite a bit.

So I'm stuck at home until the tire gets fixed. Where I can have fascinating conversations about nuts.

I really hope the scooter gets fixed soon. In the meantime, Tango the Wonder Kitty, who has been remarkably well behaved as of late (I wonder what he's planning), says 'hi.'

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