Thursday, May 19, 2005

Let the geekfest commence 

I'm a little tired, so this ramble will likely be short, and it may or may not make sense... well, less sense than normal. I just returned from seeing Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, and I feel the need to babble forth about the movie. Don't worry, I won't go into detail, I just wanted to say this:

It rocked.

There. I'm all done.

Talking about the movie, that is. Instead, I want to talk about community pride. I live in a small town with a single one-screen theater. That theater is run by a family which does everything it can to better the community, and to bring it together -- from hosting concerts, to showing old movies to benefit the local food bank, to any number of other things.

And tonight, the community -- well, 311 (the capacity of the theater) of us -- was brought together in a pretty cool way. We waiting in line before the movie outside, with no fear of being out on the streets in the middle of the night (being next door to the police station helped, of course), and everyone chatted with everyone else. We viewed Star Wars memorabilia which was on display at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre back in 1977 when the first movie was shown there. We watched pre-movie Star Wars stuff and had a sing-along when they played a video set to "Weird Al" Yankovic's "The Saga Begins", which is a Star Wars-themed parody of Don McLean's "American Pie." We applauded when the movie started, and we applauded when it ended. I spoke with a reporter from the local paper and said some incredibly geeky things, and had my picture taken with a cardboard cut-out of Chewbacca.

And here's the really geeky thing -- on the way home, zipping through the dark streets on my Purple Plaything (which is still a Honda scooter, I swear) at 2:30am, I had the eerie feeling the Force was with me.

Like I said -- major geekfest. Such is life. Even the weather -- which had been full of wind, thunder, and a lot of rain this morning -- cleared out and was crystal clear this evening so us folks waiting outside in line didn't have to go into the theater looking like drowned rats.

Instead, we were something of a sideshow to those passing in cars. But, again, such is life. As for me, I haven't been feeling too well lately, and wasn't sure I was going to be up to going. Somehow, today was a better day, and I was able to go.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go wind down so I might have a chance at sleeping before morning. That, and I need to figure out how many of my nieces and nephews I can gather this weekend so I'll have an excuse to go to the movie again. Maybe if I work it right, they'll be out this weekend and next weekend. You know, so I can spend quality time with each of them.

Yeah. Right.

May the Force be with you.

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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Oprah worshipping and Tango renovations 

Today's ramble is brought to you by:

Tango the Wonder Kitty's Home Renovations
"If all your belongings aren't all on the floor, they will be!"

Why go out of your way to put your things in closets, cupboards, and in drawers? Tango can reorganize and restructure your home to create a centralized content location! No more searching all over the house for your car keys, glasses, appliances, children, pets, etc. Just let Tango use his patented "bat at with paws" technique to quickly and efficiently put everything you own onto the floor. You'll be glad you did.

Call now for hourly rates. We accept catnip, canned cat food, and treats only. Void where prohibited by allergies. Not responsible for damaged items, shed cat hair, or anything else for that matter.

The other day while I was sitting at my computer, Tango got up and sat on the computer tower and stared at me. I was busy, so I wasn't paying much attention to him. So, Tango being his innovative self, decided to start knocking things off the shelves of my desk to get my attention. I'd stop him from doing it, he'd sit there for a minute, and then he'd start doing it again. Each time I'd stop him he'd start purring at me and rubbing up against my monitor.

It didn't do any good to make him get down, of course, because he'd jump right back up and do it again. And it's hard to be mad at him when he's purring like that. He knows that and uses it to his advantage. He has me well trained.

In religion news, I discovered a fascinating fact while waiting in line at the grocery store the other day:

In case the photo doesn't display, it says: "Alien bible found! They worship Oprah!" I think this factual factoid of absolute truth was from The Globe, or some other reputable and not-at-all fictional periodical.

Finally, a religion I can get behind.

Another headline seen in the pic is "Freaky Good Friday - God shows up at mall!" I was left to wonder if He was there to buy something, or if He was hawking some goods. Maybe those Jesus-scented candles I heard about on CNN.

I could have actually read the article, but I believe when it comes to God-related matters, people should be left seek out their own answers.

Well, that, and I didn't want to be seen reading a tabloid. I do have some standards, such as they are.

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