Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Purple Plaything milestone, & other terribly important things 

Mark this down on your calendar -- today the Purple Plaything, which is still a Honda scooter and not a sex toy, reached 4500 miles on the ol' odometer. It's had a few things wrong here and there, but it's been a good scooter over the last 3 years. I loves my scooter, loves my scooter.

In other news, I just finished designing a new site you should all visit. It's for an artist who paints some very spiffy paintings. That's one of her paintings at right.

Bev Osborn Designs ~ http://www.specialweb.com/bev

She paints mainly in watercolor, and is rather good at it... and I'm not just saying that because I was paid to do the site. I own a couple of her prints, and I love them. So go take a look at her work, put one of 'em on your desktop as a wallpaper, send some pretty e-cards, and purchase some prints and greeting cards. Keep the site bookmarked for Christmastime, because some of the e-cards (and prints, wallpapers, etc., for that matter) are holiday and/or winter themed.

In nekkid boobs news, I want to thank spiffy bard Rocky (visit Rocky's Realm), who sent me the link to an extremely educational web page, which provides us the ability to see what Janet Jackson would have looked like had she bared both breasts. Be warned, the page has nudity... but, well, that's the point (those younger than 18 or where it's illegal, don't click below):

The Neil Rogers Show - Janet Jackson's Tit

In I'm getting old news, I will be 30 in less than a month (March 9... again, mark your calendars! Or not.). I should do something interesting to celebrate the coming of the new digits, but, alas, I won't. I have to attend a meeting that night, and I'm not exactly a wild and crazy kind of gal. Not that I have the option, really, with my health being in the crapper. Instead, I'll read something scandalous, such as a Mavis Applewater PWP (Plot, what Plot?) story, and live vicariously. Not that it's any different from what I usually do, but I'll do it with more feeling.

Whatever that means.

I'll also eat some M&M's. Because, after all, what is life without chocolate and some hot-monkey-sex-oriented stories? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

I so very much need a life, don't I? Maybe someone will give me one for my birthday.

I'll also accept money.

Or chocolate. Peanut M&M's are preferred, but I'm not picky.

Take care all, and happy birthday to anyone who happens to be having a birthday this year.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Purple Plaything woes 

I'm $80 poorer. That's what it cost to have the back tire and inner tube replaced on my Purple Plaything, which is still a Honda scooter and not a sex toy.

I was parked outside a store last week when a guy walked by and said my back tire was about to pop. Sure enough, the danged thing was quite bald. The tire, not the guy. The guy may have been bald, but he was wearing a hat, so I'm not sure. Anyway, it was several days before I was able to get it replaced at the local motorcycle place. My brother tried to do it himself, but he ended up pinching the old tube in the process.

So I'm poorer but once again mobile. Which means I can do some shopping again, but I can't afford to buy anything. Not that I really could before, come to think of it.

You may be wondering why I hadn't noticed how bald the tire was. It's because I'm an idiot. I hadn't really looked at the tire recently. I knew it was going bald, but I hadn't realized it was that bad. I'm not exactly the most observant of people.

In other news, I got my hair cut today, and for the first time in my life, someone actually cut it exactly like I wanted it. Let us rejoice in this momentous occasion, as it's unlikely to happen again.

In nekkid breasts news, I would just like to say I think Janet Jackson should never have bared her right boob at the Superbowl. Next time, she should flash them both. I have a thing for symmetry.

In Celine can read news, I recently discovered the writings of the nifty bard Zee. You can check 'em out at:

Zee's Stories

Of those I've read so far, my personal favorite is Past is Present, though though Comic Book Life is rather spiffy, as well. So go read them. Those not familiar with alternative uber stories, though, should probably read the disclaimers first. There be lesbians contained within. I consider that a good thing, but I know it's not everyone's cup of tea.

Speaking of lesbians, I'm off to go ponder the fact Melissa Etheridge has a new CD out and I no money to buy it. There are worse things in life, to be sure, but this is Melissa Etheridge. She also has a DVD out which I don't have.

Someday I shall have them. Oh, yes, I shall.

Unless I won't.

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