Sunday, May 30, 2004

Tango the Wonder Kitty's big movie debut 

So, has everyone seen Tango's new movie, Shrek 2? His character's name, of course, is Puss In Boots, but we all know it's really Tango in that stylish outfit. A side-by-side comparison:

Puss In Boots:
Puss In Boots
Tango On Couch:
Tango On Couch

See? It's Tango. It really was quite spiffy of Antonio Banderas to do the voice. Very fitting. But I am wondering when Tango's going to get paid for the movie. It has grossed over $200 million so far, so surely the money will come any day now.

Puss In Boots should have been based on Tango. They have the same personalities, even. They're both very fond of themselves, they're both vain, and both love to scratch the heck out of others. They're twins.

Shrek 2 Plush DollSpeaking of Shrek 2, if anyone has the overwhelming urge to buy a Shrek 14" plush doll, please see my eBay auction (ends June 2nd at 9:12pm Pacific time). I actually have three of the little critters... one will be going to my niece and I will probably sell the other one, depending on whether this one sells.

So if you're interested, please bid. It will go to a good cause, namely me. I'm broke. ;-) I really want to keep one of the dolls (I'm 30 going on 8, and I'm okay with that), but such is life.

Hey! I can get Tango to shed on it if you want... you know, for added value.

Or not.

In non-Shrek 2 news, I'm happy to report my chow, Tai, has been doing better lately, so hopefully he'll be around for a few more months, at least. The medicine he's on is expensive ($60/month), but he's worth it. Now, if I could just convince him he really doesn't have to go outside every night at about 3am, life would be good.

Speaking of that, one of my other dogs, Lucky, has taken to getting me up in the mornings by whining, barking, and moaning very loudly in the most pathetic manner you've ever heard. She's quite adept at making sure I know she's very lonely and needs us both up right this very second. And I can't even yell at her to stop because the danged thing can't hear very well.

This is the same dog who won't let me close my bedroom door at night for more than a few minutes before she starts whining. And if she's actually in my room when I close it, she whines to be let out.

This from a dog who spent the first nine years of her life as an outdoor dog before she came to live in Suckerland, a.k.a. my house. Which is why she does it, I'm sure. No more being left alone for her.

Needless to say, I haven't been getting much sleep lately. Tango's been on a major knocking-things-out-of-the-cupboard-where-his-catnip-is-stored kick, which he only feels compelled to do at night. Telling him "no" doesn't faze him, so it doesn't do any good to scold him. I think he likes it, actually. He's really not normal.

I'm off to go try to get some sleep before the circus starts again tonight. If you don't hear from me ever again, it will be because I've finally lost all of my marbles and the nice men in white coats have come to take me away. Which, when I think about it, sounds rather good... no cats, no dogs...

No, never mind. As much as they drive me crazy, I wouldn't trade them for anything. Which proves I really am insane.

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