Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Important late breaking birthday developments 

First, let me apologize to those on the mailing list for the double dose of postings yesterday. I don't know why the blog decided to resend the Feb. 17th posting. I think it just liked the pretty painting contained within.

In birthday news, let me give you a recap of the day thus far:

I went to the friendly neighborhood Bi-Mart (for those not familiar, it's kinda like Wal-Mart, only not) to get some important supplies, namely treats for my cats and Airplane! on DVD, because that is one of my favorite all-time movies, and it is my birthday, after all.

On the way home, my scooter started sputtering, and died about a block away from home. After pushing it up a small but annoying hill, I parked it and dug through the stuff under the seat to get the replacement spark plug and socket to replace it. That's when I discovered I no longer had the socket (thought I did have the socket wrench), so I had to borrow one from the neighbor.

As I was laying on the ground replacing the spark plug and getting rather dirty in the process, my friend came to take me to lunch -- two hours early -- so I didn't have time to change after getting all dirty. Fortunately, replacing the spark plug actually was the problem with my bike, or I would have had to cry, and one shouldn't cry on one's birthday, despite what the song says.

But I could cry, cry if I want to.

So we went to lunch (of course, the first place I wanted to go was closed), and afterwards my friend discovered she'd locked her keys in the car. So I called a tow truck, was told it would be $35 to have the lock opened, and we waited. Did I mention she had an 8-month-old with her? The tow truck came about 20 minutes later, and he opened the door... and was a sweetheart and didn't charge us. I'm thinking I may want to bear his children.

I've decided to spend the rest of the day at home, inside, well away from any sort of vehicle which would surely break if I came within 20 feet of it. Instead, I'm going to watch some movies, eat some popcorn, and forget the statistics that say most accidents occur in the home.

Take care all, and if you don't happen to be having a birthday today, I suggest taking the advice of 50 Cent and "party like it's yo birthday."

But don't invite me to come over. Quite frankly, I may never leave the house again.

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