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welcome to the virtual home of me. for those who care, this site used to be called celine's dement... it's same thing, just a different design and name.

i have some eclectic tastes... and for some reason, over time i've felt compelled to make web pages for several of my interests. too many. if you've been wondering why this site is iwantalife.com, this might lend you a clue.

i recently started a daily photo blog of the stayton, oregon, usa. you should go visit it. pretty please?

Some recent photos from the blog:


And some other photos i've taken over the years:


i also used to blog about nothing in particular. i have no idea why, but i did. it's part of my random ramblings, which was my attempt at humor "columns." my cat, tango, is a frequent topic, because tango is an alien. i also talk about my now dearly departed purple plaything, which i swear is not a sex toy. really.

here are some sites i designed and (sometimes often, sometimes not at all often) maintain:

Ooooh... wasn't I cute? What happened???
i used to be cute
a little about me:
  • who is celine - it's a thrilling story (or not), and it's even true
i wrote a couple of short nonsense stories, with a lot of inside references to the world of 'xena: warrior princess' fanfic and its sub-genre, uber... if you don't get 'em, don't worry about it:
yanni in concert
yanni in concert
i've taken photos at various concerts i've attended:
harry belafonte in concert
harry belafonte sings
sites i used to maintain, but my interests have moved on:

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